Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Just as Gene Wilder played the eccentric chocolate magnet, Willie Wonka, golf is also a game of eccentricities, doors that lead nowhere, and secrets that may never be unlocked.

“Golf is a game played stupidly by intelligent people.”

You see golf is played by people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicity, and skill levels. The more you play, supposedly the better you will become. But that’s not always true and for the majority of golfers it is quite the opposite!

Instructors spend an enormous amount of telling US what to do but NOT showing us how to do something or even worse not how to practice the things we need to work.

Some players, like Tiger Woods, make swing changes that appear to be very small but yet take months, for even a player of Tigers caliber, to achieve.

Tiger Woods displaying the textbook position (course: St Andrews).

I recently read, from a member of our forum, in their opinion golfers get 99% of what to learn but only 1% on how to learn it.

I couldn’t agree more! But here’s the deal. The instructors job is to inform and explain. The students job is to absorb and apply! Now we always give our students drills to accelerate the learning process along with WHAT to practice and HOW to practice. But in the real world golfers do not want to do drills and practice to get better. They want the “magic” dust sprinkled over them and poof…they are better!

Golfers think that practicing it just going to the range and beating golf balls. That’s NOT practice, it’s just a form of exercise. Practice is learning to do something correctly even if you miss the ball until you don’t miss it anymore!

chuck evans golf

Chuck Evans is one of only 31 teachers worldwide designated to hold a “Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering.”

He is Executive Director of Instruction for the Medicus Golf Institute and has served as Director of Schools for the PGA Tour Golf Academy and the Director of Instruction for the United States Golf Institute and The Golfing Machine.

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