What Is Your Swing DNA?

Every player is different and unique, both physically and with their golf game.  Time to have an MRI done on your golf game.
With the use of the Flightscope 3D golf ball launch monitor, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer and High Speed Video analysis we are able to gather the Swing DNA of golfers.

chuck evans golf flightscope Flightscope will show a player their:

Club Head & Ball Speed
Ball Spin Rate
Club Attack Angle
Club Path
Swing Plane Direction
Clubface Angle
Smash Factor
Dynamic Loft
Plus More

With the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer we are able to get readings about a players:

Club Shaft Toe Down Angle
Club Shaft Kick Angle
Club Shaft Release Factor
Once we complete the MRI process and gather a players Swing DNA we are able to pin point problem areas with in their game and develop a specific practice plan for improvement.
To learn more about your Swing DNA or to set up a Golf MRI appointment, contact:
Chuck Evans –  Email


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