What Is More Important – Face or Path

In this weeks webinar we discuss the difference between the face and path and how to adjust those to your game.

It has been said that the “new” Ball Flights are quite different than the “old” ones.

Not so quick there bucko!

Dr Gary Wiren, who wrote the PGA Teaching Manual, stated that the primary starting direction of the golf ball is influenced by the clubFACE!  Oh, how true!

[pullquote]Here is his quote, It is quite clear that the element that indicates the starting line of the golf ball and the one having the most influence on its direction is the clubface.[/pullquote]

Yet, many of today’s instructors seem to have overlooked what he wrote and/or misread, misunderstood the words.  In any case, the golf ball will start where the clubface is looking at Impact and then curve AWAY from the path of the swing.

The higher the swing speed the larger percentage applies to the clubface.  So, a Driver may reach 85% whereas a wedge will get close to 50%

Here is the webinar, along with some great questions from our viewers.  Hope you enjoy!

(Just click on the video above to see the webinar.)

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