What Is A Downswing Sequence

I have players asking me everyday, “What exactly is the downswing sequence and how does it work?”

Typically this crucial part of the golf swing is started from the ground up.  Think of baseball and the player taking their at bat.

As the pitcher strides into their delivery, the batter moves pressure onto the lead foot, opens the hips, then their shoulders.  Next  comes the arms, hands finally the bat.

If their sequence is a little “late” they hit the ball on the backside of the plate and usually hit it out to the right side of the field.

If the sequence is a little “early” then they catch the ball toward the front of the plate and can drive it down the left side.

In the golf swing, a good sequence doesn’t guarantee you’ll hit the ball solidly, or far.  Heck, they are some of the world’s best players that don’t have a great sequence!


If you are one of those players that struggle with balance, or an outward to inward swing path then you might want to take a look at this.

Until next time, keep it in play, hit it on or around the green…make a few putts

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