What Can You Learn From The PGA Championship

courtesy of Charlie King
courtesy of Charlie King

Hopefully you watched this years PGA Championship and if you did you saw some great golf!  This certainly was one of the best PGA’s in a very long time with all of the young guns battling it out for the trophy.

But after watching these guys bomb it every hole and hit incredible shots, what can we as mere mortals learn from them.

One of the biggest things we can learn is to stay focused and go through our pre-shot.

Jason and Jordan went through the same pre-shot each and every shot and in between rounds, on the practice tee, they went through their pre-shot as well.  We are always telling our players to practice like you play.  Just don’t rake balls over and continue pounding them without a process.

The pre-shot is actually a rehearsal of what you want to do.

SEE yourself making the swing you want.  SEE the flight of the golf ball.  SEE it landing where YOU want!  If the average player would follow a pre-shot they might surprise themselves by hitting better golf shots.

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