Top 5 Golf Drills

In this episode we demonstrate our top 5 golf drills based on questions we get every week.

We use these drills on a daily basis, depending on the player issues, here giving golf lessons in Kansas City as well as our Junior Golf in Kansas City, and they have stood the test of time!

These drills include:

  • how to hit the golf ball first and the ground second
  • how to move pressure back and forth during the swing
  • how to control your golf ball
  • how to control the clubface
  • how to generate speed
  • how to stop early release

Enjoy these and let us know if you have any questions or what you would like for us to discuss in upcoming webinars.

We would love it if you share this with your golfing friends and as a little gift (bribe) we would like to send you our FREE Short Game Tips & Drills eBook.

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