Tis’ The Season Of Giving–Here’s a Sample of My New Book–How To…

“How To Line Up That 5th Putt With ConfidenceEvery Single Time!”

That’s a joke of course but I really wanted to get your attention!  This time of year, especially, putting seems to be practiced even less than normal…which isn’t very much!

Well, today I am giving you one of my very best training drills…EVER!

You will need a very special piece of equipment found in every household.  This piece of equipment has had many uses over the years but I have found this to be the one!

I can hear you now asking, “So what is this “special piece of equipment and what’s it gonna cost me?”

What if it cost $500 bucks, would you buy it?

Since you already have it in your house, technically it ain’t gonna cost you ‘nuthin!

Here it is,,m


Yep, that’s it!

Now cut the long bottom piece of the hanger into a piece 11 inches long, and straight!  Take that piece and now bend it into an arc that is 41/4 wide…that’s the same size as the hole on the









chuckevansgolf.comStick it upright anywhere on the green and now you have a “vertical” hole to putt through.  I like to place it a couple of feet in front of my ball and on the line of the putt.

The idea, of course, is to hit it through the middle of the hoop and into the hole.  The longer putt you have the more difficult it is to do this drill!

Let’s say you have a breaking putt though and not a straight one, now what.

Line the hoop up on the start line you want.  Now here’s the important part…

Make sure you hit it through the MIDDLE of the hoop!

If the putter face is open you’ll either hit the side of the hoop or miss it completely…the same thing if the face is closed!

Take a look at this to get a better picture.


So, now you have it.  Use this drill to improve your putting.  To work on other areas of your game, just click this link and schedule your time.


Hangers.” by Adam Hinett is licensed under CC BY-ND

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