This May Be The Best Tip You’ll Ever Read Before You Play Your Next Game Of Golf!

Golfers all around the world are searching for the next “big” thing to lower their scores…and they HAVE BEEN for decades!

There’s nothing new in golf, only “bigger” words to make us golf pros sound smart!  But guess what, by us using these words YOU my friend are looking back at me like a deer in the headlights!


What did he just say?

What if I told you that the newest “thing” in golf is actually going back to the “olden” days of golf swings.  Yep, you heard it here…

You see, back in the days before there was a lot of technology, golfers freely turned their hips and shoulders in both directions.  They didn’t try to create a “coil like a spring” swing.

Golfers then also let their front foot come up and their left knee work toward the ball.

Even in the glory days of Nicklaus and Palmer, they lifted the front foot and freely turned in both directions.

Somewhere along the way, all of this “athletic” movement was deemed undesirable.  Players started keeping the front foot down and firmly planted.  We, as players, were told to restrict the hip turn to build up a “powerful” coil.

While I will agree that SOME players can benefit from restricting the turn and keeping the front foot down, mostly players ALREADY on Tour, the majority of players would benefit from just letting it all move freely back and thru.

The next time you go to the range, make as big a turn as you can with both the hips and shoulders, (actually the shoulders don’t turn, the chest does and brings the shoulders along with it),  let you front foot come up on the big toe and your left knee work toward the ball.

This will “feel” really strange and there is a good chance you won’t make perfect contact the first few swings.  That’s because you’ve trained your body to do something else, but give it a try, I think you will find yourself feeling less tension, less tightness, and gaining more yardage!

Chuck Evans Golf Old Style Golf Swing

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