The Secret History of Tiger Woods



I just read one of the best articles on Tiger Woods and what has really gone on in his life.

Love him, or hate him, Tiger was/is still a force in golf.  It all goes back to his Dad, Earl and how much his Dad forged Tigers life.  When Earl died, Tiger lost his only confidant and someone he trusted explicitly.  Someone that could help guide him and to help him in tough decisions.

Earl referred to Tiger as the “Chosen One.”  When he first said this, a LOT of people laughed and just blew it off.  For a while Tiger WAS indeed the Chosen One!

When Tiger was growing up he basically had no friends and played golf with his Dad and his buddies.  Earl “trained” Tiger to disregard outside interferences, stay focused, and at times threw things him to disrupt his concentration.  Like a lot of Junior players, Earl was him every day and watched over as Tiger “graduated” from Dad to a Teaching Professional.

A LOT of parents think their child is the “next great player” and hover around them making the game NO FUN!  I can think of several Juniors I’ve had over the years that completely quit the game because it just wasn’t fun anymore!  Parents CAN be overbearing, just ask Michelle Wie, and while a few of these Juniors are indeed child prodigies, the majority are not.  When the fun leaves for a Junior golfer, they usually leave the game as well.

At any rate, I suggest you read this article for more insight into Tiger and his life.  You may find some things you didn’t know!

Read the entire story, written beautifully by Wright Thompson here.

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