The Golf Swing, Defined

The Golf Swing, Defined

The golf stroke has mainly two “ingredients” – the Geometry of the Circle and the Physics of Rotation and only two basic strokes – Hitting and Swinging. The geometry is the same for both, if you have no compensations, for all clubs and stroke patterns.

In order to change or enhance a golf stroke we must first change the perception. If you think you must swing up at the golf ball to get in the air then that’s exactly what you will do.

In reality, almost everything in golf is exactly opposite of what our perception is.  We must hit down to make the ball go up; we swing to the right to make the ball go straight.  So changing the perception of what happens in a golf stroke is the key to making everlasting changes.

The definition of a golf stroke is – “The Hinge Action of an Angular Motion on an Inclined Plane” and this is also the Three Primary Concepts.  Now before you get too excited we explain this to our students in a way that they can understand and in many cases, due to our series of drills, we never have to make mention at all.

Every shot from the shortest putt to the longest drive all must comply with Three Primary Concepts and we must control the three parts of the golf club from address, to the top, and all the way to the finish.

These three parts are;


2. Clubhead

3. Clubshaft

The left hand executes a Hinge Action and therefore is Clubface control.  Wherever the left hand goes the Clubface follows.

The right hand, and more specifically the first joint of the right index finger, is Clubhead control.  Through this joint you can sense where the clubhead and sweetspot of the golf club is at all times.  If you cannot feel the weight of the clubhead against this joint then you are contending with clubhead throwaway – the bane of all golfers!

The Inclined Plane is Clubshaft control – and there are only two options here.  You’re either on Plane or off Plane – there is no in between!

The Hinge Action is simply the motion that the left hand makes to control the Clubface.  It can work three ways – Vertical, Horizontal and Angled – and three ways only with two of them being absolutes, Vertical and Horizontal.

Remember that the “lever assembly” (left arm and club) ALWAYS moves at right angles to the Hinge Pin.

So Hinge Action is Clubface control and on their own respective Planes they produce no roll effects.   And at Low Point ALL Hinge Actions are at a right angle to the base of the Plane.

Learn to educate and control your hands and you will control the Clubface.  Control the Clubface and you will control the golf ball.  Control the golf ball and you will control your game!

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