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I am a scratch golfer and a lifelong student of the game. I play a lot of tournament golf (top tens in state am’s & opens, US am qualifier, etc) and was drawn to the site via my research into the role of the right arm.

I have long been an advocate that the control of the swing SHOULD be performed by the right side for right handed people! Why would I ever want to do anything athletic with my left side, I can hardly brush my teeth with my left hand!Anyway, with that said I have really enjoyed reading what TGM has to offer. I do not understand the numbers & some of the terminology, but understand enough to have picked up & also reinforced some of my feels/thoughts.

Some are as follows: (1) the feel of the right hand pulling the left thumb (2) the feel of the takeaway being initiated by the right forearm (3) the thought of “centeredness” of the swing (4) the concept that the motion of the right arm/hand induces the pivot of the body! (5) the overall concept that the club MUST be swung on the proper plane!! There are others, but I am rambling.

I have a few questions: (a) EXACTLY where is PP # 3 & PP # 1? Is PP 3 at the base of the right forefinger, on that knuckle? (b) what are some feels/ideas for the swinging of this right hand PP on plane? (c) I strongly believe that the downswing plane should be flatter than the backswing plane. What is TGM’s thought on this? (d) I am really worried about getting Kelley’s TGM book because of its complexity. Any thoughts on this?


All of these feels you are having are explained in TGM.
1. That’s called extensor action –
2. That’s “The magic of the right forearm
3. The “Tripod” – steady head, one of three essentials
4. A Hand controlled pivot
5. Plane of Motion – A straight plane line – one of three Imperatives
(a) PP#3 is the first joint of the right index finger, PP#1 is the heel of the right hand were it touches either the left hand thumb or clubshaft.
(b) #3 PP is the feel for the control of the clubs sweetspot. It should be “aft” of the shaft for thrust support. The Feel for keeping the sweetspot and #3 is to rotate both to the top and lay them on the face of the Inclined Plane.
(c) Changing plane angles is of course the players choice. The fewer shifts that are made the better. Zero, or no shift, would be ideal, next would a “single” shift – Adam Scott, Tigers swing of three years ago, Ernie Els, Annika, and a host of others. A “double” shift is the next in line – Nick Price, Faldo, and then of course the old “triple” shift – Jim Furyk.
(d) The book is designed to give us all options. There are 456 quadrillion combinations but you only need to know YOUR pattern!

Rotating both the sweetspot and #3 PP on the face of the plane angle. Shoulder high is preferred because from there the right shoulder and the hands can come down the plane together.

The amount of rotation is based on how much it takes to get the sweetspot on the plane angle. The right palm up could close the clubface relative to the plane angle.

To really simplify this hold both hands straight out with the palms together, the left wrist flat the right wrist bent. Now take them to the top without changing anything. The left wrist is cocked and turned to the plane angle.


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