Destin Golf Instruction with Chuck Evans

Your Range Swing vs. Your Course Swing

We’ve all been there done that…great on the range but no so great on the course!

Jack Nicklaus

Or maybe…You just don’t know WHAT to work on!  There is ZERO benefit of just beatin’ balls on the range…ZERO…except for gettin’ frustrated and tired!

If you don’t know the WHAT  or the HOW chances are you will NOT get any better!  What if we could help you out a little?

Well, we may have a little something for ya.  Starting May 1, 2017 we are going to do a weekly show called, “Range Time with Chuck”,  (thanks to Mike Martin for the help in calling this thing…something!)

In this program, we’ll show you how to “build/repair” what’s ailin’ ya.  We’ll help ya develop the best swing for YOU!

And best of all, it ain’t gonna cost ya anything!  Zero, zip, nada, yep, nuthin’!

But we have about 3 weeks before we get started. So…if you’d liked to be notified of the “great unveiling” simply click here and fill out the form.

See ya in 3 weeks!