A LOT of players are Unknowingly Sabotaging their Golf Game.  Sure, they know they need work in some area or another but those areas are not CLEARLY defined!

You can say, “My putting needs work.”

Let’s define it a little clearer.  From what DISTANCE are you the weakest?  Is it mostly longer putts?  If so, long distance putting may NOT be the issue.

It could be proximity to the hole on your approach shots.

putting percentages chuck evans golf

Granted, this image only shows from 12 feet and in but as you can see the farther you get from the hole the more the percentage gap is increased!

Now back to approach shots.

The next time you go out and play, I want you to measure the distance of your first putt.  Next, what was the yardage you hit into that green and what club did you use?

Did the ball go straight or curve?  If it curved, what direction is it curving?  Where was the pin located?  Front, middle, back, center, left, or right.

This is all data that you need to narrow down your area to work on.

We created an extensive game assessment to help you narrow down your ENTIRE game and I’m giving it to you as a gift!

Click here to take your assessment.

Once you have taken the assessment, give me 24-48 hours to send you back a training module for what ails you.

Pretty simple huh!

Lots of things happening so I thought I’d give everyone a quick update.

We are in the process of partnering with MySwing in Scottsdale Arizona to create our new Scottsdale Golf Performance Center.  The center will have all of the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technology available including MySwing Professional – 3D motion capture, Flightscope – 3D ball radar, Balance, and Pressure mapping, high-speed video, some other really cool stuff that we’ll tell you about later!

We’ve also partnered with Owners Manual for Golf to provide training modules for golfers of every level.

As you can see…we’ve been busy!

Until next time…

Better Golf: YOU want to play better but why don’t you?

Owners Manual for Golf

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I was so embarrassed with MY game.  Many years ago I was struggling from tee to green and had a horrible short game.

It was so bad that the more I practiced the more frustrated I got!

You see, years ago I was trying to pass my Players Ability Test for the PGA.  I had always been a decent ball striker but my short game came and went and was NEVER consistent.

Anyway, we play 36 holes in one day and we have what the PGA calls a “target” score.  This score is based on the course but is usually a no-brainer at a combined score of 152-156.  So, you could be 8-12 over par for the 2 rounds and still pass.

That day my short game was as bad as it had ever been.  I had been hanging in there all day long and just needed a bogey on the 36th hole and I would pass.

I hit a good drive and decent approach shot to the green but I left myself around 30 feet for birdie.  I said to myself, “If you make this you’ll be two shots clear of the target score”.

Well, I hit that putt and ran it 3 feet by the hole.  Now the pressure was REALLY on!

I told myself again, make this and you pass.  I was feeling so much pressure I couldn’t swallow!  My hands were shaking as I drew the putter back and all I could think about was NOT missing this putt.

As I hit the putt the bottom fell out from under me when I left that putt short…on the lip.  Now I was devastated!  I went up to casually knock it in and… missed!

I mean completely whiffed it!  

That whiffed putt caused me to bogey the final hole and miss the PAT by ONE shot!


As you can imagine I felt terrible, and I was mad as hell at myself!  But, I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of being able to play like I knew I could.  The problem I had was I didn’t know how to lower my scores OR have more fun!   I certainly wasn’t having any fun that day!

And that’s when I had my big “ah-ha” moment…

I HAD to find a way to get better and the things I was doing weren’t producing the scores I was looking for.

So first I tried a couple of quick tips like all golfers do, and they didn’t work! They didn’t work at all!  I even tried asking a few friends and that was a total disaster!

Think about that one…

WHY would your golfing buddies ever give you anything that would make you a better player?  A better player that would take their money!

So, then I tried changing putters and that worked a little better.  But, it still wasn’t the answer.  Sometimes it’s the archer and NOT the arrow!

And that’s when I finally built a way of assessing my game.

As I looked at all the different shots it became apparent that in addition to my putting, I had SEVERAL OTHER weaknesses in my game!  And that’s when I realized it wasn’t my game! I was failing because the real enemy here was myself! No wonder I was struggling.

We want to believe we can fix things ourselves, but that’s BS!

When I figured out that it wasn’t true, I was finally able to break out of the chains and get the results I wanted and deserved!

The “enemy” was the one keeping me from living up to my potential!

Once I realized that by taking a real, true assessment of my game I could pinpoint the things I needed to work on and everything changed!

I used what I discovered to be able to:

– To turn my practice time into something that, for the first time, helped lower my scores
– To drop shots the smart way without a lot of effort
– And I even discovered how to make practice fun!

But it didn’t just work for me, I shared the assessment with others…and it worked for them too!

I didn’t realize it when I started that not only does this simplify the process, for lowering your scores,  but it also helps you lose strokes, beat your playing partners, and take their money!

And that’s why I created the “Owners Manual for Golf“.

This took years, lots of blood sweat and tears, and focused effort before I figured this out and finely tuned this assessment.  This cost me hundreds of dollars, in time and effort, to figure out and create…

But it was totally worth it!

The biggest thing that was holding me back was getting myself into a mindset that what I was doing wasn’t working.

This is so much easier!

What used to take me weeks of struggle to get results the old way, I can now get it done in as little as 15 minutes a day…or LESS!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you’ll get with my assessment

* Learn EXACTLY what’s holding your game back.  With your “Owners Manual” you can instantly see how to drop shots in a very short time…

* You will learn what your precise strengths and weaknesses are without guessing so you can focus on what matters and avoid those blow-up holes

* Learn when to attack certain holes and pins, and when to play it safe, so you can drop strokes without using the old eraser trick:)…

* Specific training drills geared for your game so you can stop being embarrassed and start dropping shots…

But don’t just take my word for it…

Take a look at this:

•    Why should you believe in this assessment?  After 40+ years of teaching, coaching and studying the game I’ve discovered a few things.

•    People DO NOT get better with quick tips!

•    Their friends are ALWAYS giving them advice, usually not very good!

•    People DO NOT pick up their head!

•    People DO NOT take their “eye off the ball”! (except for Annika and Duvall or unless you’re a blind golfer)

•    People really DO NOT know why their game needs help!