Do you always aim at right and left edge pins?

Based on current data, if you Do You Always Aim At Right and Left Edge Pins you will miss around 30% of your shots off the green.

But…if you aim for the middle of the green only 10% will be off the green!

Hummm…30% versus 10%  which would you prefer?

I’m betting your choice would be the 10%.

So why would a player aim at those edge pins?  Probably because they THINK that’s the play.

Sure, the best players in the world go flag hunting all day, but they ARE the best players in the world and they know how to control their golf ball.

But, there are times that they play away from the flag.


Because sometimes the pin is in such a location that it makes for a difficult putt so they will hit their approach shot to a location that gives them the straightest putt, or the zero line.

Now think about that.

Would you rather have a 10 footer that has 2 feet of break or a 15 footer that has NO break?

Again, the odds are in your favor with the straight one.

One of the things I constantly work on with my players is setting up their approach shots to end up at the “zero line”.

The “zero line” is the location that gives you a straight putt.

If you apply this strategy to your game you just might be surprised…and pleasantly at that!  I urge you to examine your game and see how you can drop strokes with just a few simple course management adjustments.

As the old NIKE saying goes, “Just Do It!”

It’s your game and your choices…make them wisely!

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Do You Always Aim At Right and Left Edge Pins


Swinging a golf club is a lot like tossing a ball.

Can you toss a ball?  Can you throw one underhand?  If so, here’s a little drill for you.

The golfer can make 3 different motions in the downswing depending on what they are trying to do with the clubhead.

Chuck Evans - trail-arm-directions - toss -a -ball

Your trail arm, hand, and clubhead can go to the right of the target line, at the target line, or left of the target line…for the right-handed player.

In addition to these exits, you will need to match up release types.  Those are rolling and non-rolling.  The two types of rolling releases are a full role and reverse role…technically there is also a half roll but I can those non-rolling.  More on those later.

Now…IF you want to hands, and clubhead to exit to the right then you will need to use a rolling release.  If you want it to exit left you again use a rolling release, but a different type of rolling.

And if you exit along the line, you would then use a non-rolling release.

Can you toss a ball?



Watch the video below for more explanation.

What can you learn about your full swing from chipping stage 1?


If you struggle with executing a shot, that is basically 2 feet in both directions, how in the world will you cope with one that is 22 feet long!

Backstroke in Chipping Stage 1

When first working with a player that has contact, club, and body issues, I’ll almost always start them with chipping stage 1 to get the feel of Impact alignments.

This “basic motion” chipping stage 1 concept was developed by the late Homer Kelley.  But why is this shot so important?

Mainly because it is the foundation for virtually every shot you’ll hit.  Ranging from chipping, to pitching, to full swing.

Sure, there will be variations of this basic motion chipping stage 1 depending on what you’re trying to do with the ball.  But the Impact Alignments won’t change much.

This basic motion shot, chipping stage 1 because of it’s shortness, is performed by moving the arms, hands, and club with no body rotation required.

Impact Chipping Stage 1

Once you have, more or less, “mastered” this basic shot only then will you move forward to the next “stage” pitching.

The images show backstroke, Impact, and follow-through.

Again, as you can see this is a very short stroke so there is no need for body rotation or power.

We define chipping stage 1 as no “cocking or cocking” of the lead wrist.  This eliminates a power source that you would use in most other types of stroke.

To learn more about this process, schedule your time with us.

Post Impact Chipping Stage 1

Junior program 10-12-year-olds

The Spring Junior Golf Development Program at Emerald Bay Golf Club, located in Destin Florida and hosted by Chuck Evans, is designed for younger golfers ages 10 years of age and older who are just getting started or the intermediate player.

This 6-week program meets for an hour each week.  Through skill building and game-like training, we will focus on enhancing and improving the players’ swing technique, short game, and golf course management. Young golfers will practice their game under the supervision and instruction of our talented teaching professionals. Players will have the opportunity to work and learn in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

Players and parents will get access to a new online training space that will have skill development practice tasks as well as technique videos showing and explaining the fundamentals that are covered during the program.

Future Stars Group (Ages 10—12): Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
April 26th, May 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st, June 7th

  Rising Stars Group (Ages 13 & Older): Tuesdays 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm
April 26th, May 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st, June 7th

Cost for this 6-week development program is $ 199.00 and space is limited.

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Destin Golf Instruction

As many of you know I have moved back to Destin Florida and will be providing Destin Golf Instruction.

Well…the saga continues.  After many years away from Destin, and Emerald Bay Golf Club, the pigeon has come back to the roost!

I’ve only been back a few days but have already started scheduling practice sessions.  Some of my old players have contacted me and set up times for us to get together…pretty exciting if you ask me!

The trip across from Arizona to Destin Florida was pretty hard on this old guy back!  But a friend told me a little secret about road trips…turn on your seat heater!  And boy oh boy did that help!

This little secret, he shared with me, turned a 5-6 day trip into 4!

Kinda like dropping shots!

What if you could save 2,3,4, even 5 shots per round?  Wouldn’t that be cool!

What would be even better would be if you could do that without “rebuilding” your swing?

We can do that with Destin Golf Instruction!

My goal is to help you discover HOW to drop those shots in the easiest way possible!

Destin Golf Instruction with Chuck Evans



There are certain things that players do that are harmful to them and they don’t even realize it!

They may be trying to reach a “position” that can’t physically do.

Do you have too many swing thoughts!

Too Many Swing Thoughts Destin Golf Instruction Chuck Evans

If this is you, then stop the insanity!

With Destin Golf Instruction, we help you remove all of these thoughts and allow you to focus on only the things that REALLY apply to you!

We can be as technical as you want or as simple as you want.

We have all of the latest high-tech tools including 3D Radar for ball flight using the leader in this technology, Flightscope.

We also have 3D Motion Analysis to measure and see precisely where the “issues” are and their “sequence.”

Additionally, we have tons of training aids to help guide you and get a “feel” for what we’re working on.

We offer several program options for every type of player.

Whether you are a beginner or a “seasoned” player we have programs for you!

To Schedule your time with us just click on the button below.  I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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