Stop My Slice

How can I stop slicing the golf ball? We get this question asked virtually everyday!

First, let’s discuss what causes a slice. It is NOT an outside to inside swing as many would have you believe. Curvature of the golf ball is produced by ONE factor – the angle of the clubface relative to the path for the clubhead when the ball LEAVES the clubface!

What this means is you can be perfectly on plane with your golf swing and still hit pushes, fades, slices, pulls, draws, and hooks because of the clubface alignment.

The clubface is controlled by the target side hand – left for right-handed golfers. So the hands control the clubface and the clubface controls the golf ball. Plain and simple – so the breakdown is,

1. Learn to control your hands
2. Control the hands you control the clubface
3. Control the clubface you control the golf ball
4. Control the golf ball and you control the game

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