Some Things in Golf That Make You Scratch Your Head

I Scratched My Head When A Player Answered…

Sometimes in golf, we run across those “whaaaat” moments!

Image courtesy of wisdomtoinspire.
Image courtesy of wisdomtoinspire.

Golf has a major problem!

We are ALL trying to solve a puzzle, issues within a golf swing, using the same thinking that, in a lot of cases, caused them!

Take for instance getting answers from a player.

“Me – What do you think about when hitting a shot?  Player – Is my grip OK, my set up, do I open the clubface or keep it turned down.  Am I going to slice this ball or pull it dead left”?

Or how about the player, when asked if they are trying to help the ball into the air…they say yes!

I told you last week about the player that showed up with a 5-page list of things he was working on!

I get it, I really do.  When we are making swing changes we are thinking about

When we are making swing changes we are thinking about EVERYTHING!  Hopefully, your instructor has classified what change(s), if any, but more importantly, they have assigned them in priority.

By prioritizing, we look at the whole picture and then make an educated choice on WHAT change will most effect some of the other issues.

By prioritizing, and repairing the ONE issue that will most likely repair several others,  the student and the teacher don’t have to have this mental checklist of 50 different items!

Now there are certain things players do that act like a “trigger” to get them going.  It’s all part of their “pre-shot”.  It could as simple as wiping the grip of the club, making a rehearsal swing, a forward press with the club or body.

Jason Day closes his eyes to visualize the shot.  He sees the ball take off in a certain direction with a certain trajectory and come down next to the flag.  Jordan Speith makes several small swings to get a certain “feel” for the shape of the shot.

In the majority of cases though, these “rituals” are all part of relaxing the mind and body.  Relieving tensions that build up during a round and eliminating more than one or two swing thoughts.

I would suggest that when thinking about the golf swing that you use logic.  When used, answers appear and questions are answered!

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Chuck Evans is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher based in Phoenix Arizona where he offers private instruction, golf schools, and junior development.


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