Short Game Shots – Where’s The Flag?



Short Game Shots – Where’s The Flag?

In this webinar I discuss strategies for short game shots that are determined by where the flag is.

The 3 basic locations are front, middle and back.  Of course, each of these could be center, left, or right as well.  During the webinar though I talk about all center locations.

The general rule however is that if the flag is front hit a higher shot behind the flag.  Hitting to a center flag is a mid trajectory, and a back flag a lower trajectory.

When hitting your highest shot try and carry the ball 2/3 of the way to the hole.  For a mid-trajectory fly it 1/2 way and for the lowest trajectory fly it 1/3 of the way.

I see lots of amateurs trying to fly the ball all the way to the flag when the pin is back.

Typically, higher handicap players under club on every shot so generally that won’t hurt them.  But for the better player, I would advise taking the club that you CANNOT hit over the green!

When the pins are tucked I would advise hitting to the center of the green.  This strategy allows for pulls and pushes, and if you hit one of those you should still be on the green somewhere with a chance to make a putt!

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