Seve – The Movie

Seve, the Movie

I was fortunate to see Seve – The Movie, the other day.  If you are a golfer this is must see!  

The story is about Severiano Ballesteros the dashing, go for broke Professional Golfer that took the world by storm.

Before I talk about the movie, I would like to give you some background on Seve.

Seve turned professional in 1974, at the age of 16, and two years later he finished second in the Open Championship.  During the next 21 years he amassed 91 victories worldwide and 5 MajorChampionships.

He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame 1999.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Seve underwent several operations and outpatient treatments.  On May 7, 2011 Seve dies after a serious deterioration of his condition.

The movie starts out showing video of Seve in his playing days then cuts back to a young Seve played by José Luis Gutierrez.  From an early age Seve had one goal, that was to win Championships!  His single-minded focus drove him to continually practice down on the beach not far from the family farm.

His first club was a 3 iron and he used it for every shot, learning to hit all types of shots with this club.  One of the biggest reason he had such great imagination and touch. His short game was legendary and many of todays teaching professionals use his techniques in their own teaching.

His brothers got him a caddie job at the local club but he wasn’t allowed to play at the club except for the caddie tournament.  While caddying, he met a Dr. – who was a member – and caddied for him frequently.

The Dr. was a huge fan of the young Seve and asked him to play a match as his partner against some other members.  Needless to say, Seve and the Dr. won the match!

Then a gauntlet was thrown down.  Seve against the 25 year old club champion.  The bet was $50,000, the equivalent of around $3500.00 US dollars.

His father sold his two calves while his brothers rounded up the rest of money fro friends and townspeople.   I am not going to tell you the outcome of this match, you will need to go to the movie to find out!

While he was virtually blocked at every turn, he fought long and hard to become one of golf’s best players ever.

The movie does a very good job of interweaving the young Seve with video clips of the professional golfer.

There is a scene toward the end of this movie that might bring a tear to your eye, it did me.

I would recommend that ANY golfer go see this movie, especially all of the Junior Golfers out there. Set your mind and focus into what you want to achieve.  Believe, train it, trust it!

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