Practice Game Situations for Golf

The majority of golfers practice time is a fruitless and frustrating experience!  practice game situations of the golf course on the range


Because they spend most of their time working on swing “mechanics” instead of practicing game situations.

Let me define this statement a little more.

While mechanics are certainly important I have personally seen players that have great golf swings but cannot play golf! They simply cannot get the       ball in the hole! They are consumed with how their swing “looks” instead of scoring.

If you are working on mechanics focus on ONE aspect of the changes you are trying to make instead of ALL the pieces. NO one can think about 3,4,or even 10 different things when making a swing! So focus on the ONE piece that will have the MOST influence on your swing.

Put yourself in game situations. Hit shots from around the green – high, low, and mid trajectories and LEARN to control the clubface and your hands to hit these various types of shots. By learning how to control the golf ball around the green you WILL gain an understanding of clubface control which can then be incorporated into your full swing.

The beauty of putting yourself in game situations is two fold.

1. Experiencing the shot BEFORE you have to hit it on the golf course
2. It’s fun – make a game out of it and challenge yourself.

If you are having difficulty with a particular shot – for instance a high soft lob – then this will tell you to not leave yourself this shot when playing. It also tells you that this shot needs to be practiced until you are comfortable with it.

Remember, there is no value is practicing something you already do well, practice on the things that you DON’T do well!

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