Paris Hilton

OK, it doesn’t matter if you are a Paris Hilton fan or not, getting out of jail and assigned to finish her term under house arrest is a joke and a complete legal and judicial failure!

Paris is famous being – well, famous! She has ALL of the money in the world and evidently can buy herself out of anything! But what I can’t understand is WHY her parents and grandparents don’t step in and cut her off until she PROVES she can act like a responsible person. Get a job and WORK for a living, EARN what you spend. People that have things “handed to them” don’t take responsibility for themselves. Paris may be a wonderful person, have her heart in the right place, and all of things necessary to be a good woman. BUT until she lives like some of the people that she visited, in the Good Life, and LEARNS the meaning of WORK, she is headed down a treacherous path and could self-destruct! THAT would be a shame and a tragic loss of a human being.

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