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Over the years I have written hundreds of articles about golf instruction.  And in these articles I typically cover things that happen to the “everyday” player as well as the things that can happen to the tour players

But no matter how much is written about golf instruction there really is only one cure for what ails you and that is hands-on instruction. While some people get it, after reading an article, the majority do not but as soon as they are standing here with me one-on-one on the lesson tee lightbulbs go off, the fog is lifted, and they have that “ah ha” moment. “So this is what such in such means!”

The majority of players fall into one of three categories and they’re basically a visual learner, kinesthetic learner, or an audio learner.

Visual Learners SEE what you’re doing and and try to copy it. Kinesthetic Learners FEEL what you’re trying to get them to do, and Audio Learners hear what you are saying. So when a student says to me I SEE what you mean that tells me they are a Visual Learner.

No matter which of these three is your dominant learning style virtually everyone in addition has the visual acuity.

The same can be said for the four basic personality styles. Driver, Analyzer, Craftsmen, and Persuader.

In order for these players to learn and reach their maximum goals they must first learn which of these four they are and then play golf in that particular trait. Unfortunately, only one percent of all golfers ever play within their style. It’s not really their fault they’re just unaware of the styles and they don’t know which one they are nor how to practice and play in within their style.

Carey Mumford Fortunately, Carey Mumford has the answers to these questions.

Carey has made a lifelong study of styles and how to get players to play within theirs. By using Carey’s process called “Clear Key” the player can now put their game on automatic instead of manual.

If you’d like to find out more about how to play within your style visit Carey’s web site at

For more information about how to improve YOUR golf game visit us at the Medicus Golf Institute.

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