Magic of The Right Forearm


By: Homer Kelley

This is a paraphrase of what Homer Kelley wrote about in his book, “The Golfing Machine”. Even Mr. Kelley did not fully realize the importance of this, and it’s role, until later editions of the book.

“In essence, bending and straightening the Right Elbow will raise and lower the left arm and/or cock and uncock the left wrist without bending, flattening, or cocking the right wrist. Right elbow action either powers and/or controls all three elements of the Three Dimensional Impact, (downward, outward, and forward).” – Homer Kelley

But when combined with the bending backward of the right wrist the clubshaft and right forearm fall into line with one another. This is absolutely crucial in delivering a fully supported club into the ball.

“With this “inline” relationship of loading the club and Right Forearm it is mandatory that Hitting or Swinging it is the Right Forearm – not just the right hand and/or clubshaft – that must be thrown, driven, into Impact. Always, for all procedures, the Right Forearm is positioned “on Plane” – pointing at the Plane Line as the Angle of Attack.” – Homer Kelley

“The On Plane Right Forearm shows the precise up-and-down direction it and the Clubshaft must make throughout the Stroke. The “Angle of Approach” position of the Right Forearm show the precise Cross-Line direction the Forearm must take through Impact. So the Right Forearm must leave – and precisely return – to its own Fix Position.” – Homer Kelley

For a drill, take a club in your right hand and hold it horizontal to the ground. Now lower the Right Forearm and clubshaft to a table top. You’ll see that both the Right Forearm and clubshaft are in one line. Now move the Right forearm back and forth making sure that it does not leave the table. This is called Right Forearm tracing.

Now bend the right wrist backward and you’ll notice that the clubshaft and Right Forearm are once again in line but this time they form a “wedge”. Move this assembly back and forth on the table. You now have a precision assembly and the Right Forearm Flying Wedge.

The goal with this drill is to make you aware of what the Right Forearm and clubshaft should do during the stroke. When the clubshaft and Right Forearm are in the same alignment you have a positive force into Impact, lag pressure, and a sound that is unmistakable!

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