Accept bad shots, that's why you don't play for a living

Life On The PGA Tour is Glamorous?

I hear a lot of people say,”Life On The PGA Tour is Glamorous.”

Maybe, maybe not…Life On the PGA Tour could also be not Glamorous!

Life on the PGA Tour consists of working on your game, practice rounds, tweaking equipment, meeting with sponsors, and more work on your game…glamorous?

A typical day starts around 6 am.  After breakfast it’s typically some short game, then range time, play a few holes, lunch, then back to the range and then back out to play more holes.

Then, depending on how the player is feeling, and how they played the practice holes, they may come back to the range for more ball striking.

In practice rounds, the player typically is hitting different shots off the tee and into the green.  Chipping and pitching from different angles lies around each green.  Charting the green for the breaks, and hitting some bunker shots.

This generally takes the whole day and then its dinner time.  After dinner, you finally get to relax for a couple of hours and hopefully have your game plan set for the course.

Everyone wants your time, and everyone wants to give you something.  Or maybe you want to try a new club, new training aid, new move in your golf swing.  Whatever it is time is a valuable commodity out there.

goal setting for golf improvement Chuck Evans G olf

Time management and goal setting are 2 very important aspects for a touring professional.

Unless your family travels with you, you’ll be missing your kids as they grow up.  Missing school plays sporting events, parent/teacher conferences.  Sure, some of the players travel with their families, or at least they come out for the weekend but it truly isn’t the same.

PGA Tour players have a boatload of expenses!

Travel, accommodations, caddie fees, coaching fees can all add up substantially every week.  If the player plays well they earn a rather decent paycheck.  But nothing is guaranteed on the Tour!

Unlike other professional athletes, there are no base salaries.  You play well you get a check, you don’t play well you get zip, nada, NOTHING!

So, Life On The PGA Tour isn’t always Glamorous!

But they make so much money you say.  Yep, the average Tour player does make more money than the average person.  But, nowhere near the income of other professional athletes and…NO GUARANTEES!

But, they are getting paid to play golf.

Right again.

What golfer wouldn’t want to be able to play golf for a living!  That is the dream of golfers around the world and will continue to be.  But for most, that’s all it will ever be…a dream!

When they say, “These Guys Are Good,” well…they really are!

They make shots most of us can only dream about.  But the one thing that separates golf from other sports is that ANY golfer can hit a shot as good as any Tour Player!

I didn’t they’d hit a LOT of shots, I said they could hit A shot

Think you could beat an NFL defensive back and make the game-winning touchdown?

How about hitting that slap shot to win the Stanley Cup?  Or how about hitting a home run off a 100 mph fastball to win the World Series.

Doubtful on all 3!

But, you could have a hole-in-one.  Hole out from the fairway, sink a 30 footer to win the 4-way press!

Even the player who finishes at the bottom of the exemption list each year is better than the majority of us.  Heck if we were that good, we’d be playing for a living!

Yes, PGA Tour players, for the most part, have a great life.  But it isn’t always glamorous!


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