Let The Big Dog Eat

You hear golfers everywhere say, “Time to let the big dog eat!”

What the heck does that mean?  Generally when a player says that, they are referring to trying to hit the driver harder and hopefully farther!

Unfortunately, that is rarely the case!

In our coaching sessions, golf lessons, junior golf programs, and all of our golf instruction here in Kansas City, we strive to have our players learn to hit it hard and solid.  After they can, we then work on direction.  Don’t be afraid fo hitting it hard, we will help you with that.

Join us and learn how you can add more yardage, hit it solid and pump out some bigger drives.

We also answer questions from viewers and this week they had some great one!  We do these webinars for you every week and encourage you to watch, ask questions and even submit what YOU would like us to talk about.

To learn how you can hit it farther and more solid schedule your time with us here in Kansas City.


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