Learning to Score…On The Golf Course

So your swing mechanics are pretty decent but you still are having trouble taking it to the course.  Guess what?  You are not alone!

Over the years I have seen many players that “look” like they could be world beaters but when the bell rings they stumble out of the gate.  These players have not learned HOW to score!

You can have the best mechanics in the world but you still need to be able to score.  A perfect example of this is Seve Ballesteros.  Over his great career he averaged 6 fairways a round and won 54 times including the British Open and the Masters.

If there was ever a player that could score it was Seve.

Of today’s players Tiger would have to be considered the ultimate scoring machine.  With the driver being so inconsistent he still manages to be in the top 10 for the “greens in regulation” stat.

But what does all of this mean.  Players today get too concerned about “golf swing” and not about scoring.  A player can be in all of the “right” positions mechanically but be brain-dead when it comes to scoring.  Every player hits poor shots, no exception!  Your job is to minimize the misses.  Miss on the correct side of the fairway or green.

If you are going to every become a good player you must BELIEVE!

When you miss a fairway BELIEVE that you will get the ball on the green, or close to it.  On the green BELIEVE that you will make the putt.  If you miss a green BELIEVE that you will get it up and down.

Years ago I was talking with the great Moe Norman and asked him where he aimed on certain shots.  He looked at me in total disbelief and said,[quote] “The hole of course.  I’m trying to hole EVERY shot!

Moe Norman

When you hit it as straight as Moe you can aim at every flag.

When a player starts having trouble with certain shots, or clubs, they subconsciously start “steering” the ball.  This is absolutely the worst thing you can do!  Steering only leads mis-hits, bent plane line, erratic clubface alignments and more.  Swing with reckless abandon but in control!

There will always be flags you can fire at and others that you don’t.  But if you are having trouble scoring take dead aim, pull the trigger and see what happens.  The worst thing that can happen is that you miss your target.  So What!  Rely on your short game, use your imagination and BELIEVE that you will knock it in!

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