Koby Bryant, Super Bowl, Phoenix Open

This has certainly been a week of excitement, anticipation, and mourning.

First, the loss of Koby Bryant, his daughter, and the other 7 humans was taken tragically from the world.
While I’m not a basketball fan, I can recognize the talent of Kobe.  After less than a “Role Model” discretion Kobe went on and changed his life for the better.

Koby Bryant








It’s Super Bowl time!

After 50 years of waiting for my Kansas City Chiefs, to get back to the biggest game of the year is a proud moment!

Chiefs fans had suffered through mediocrity from the Hank Stram days until the hiring of Andy Reid.

Andy, along with the brass of the Chiefs, has put together a roster that could bring the Championship back to Kansas City.

Our biggest problem in the past few years was certainly the defense.  At the beginning of the season we had not improved, rank wise from previous years.  But in week 10 the defense started coming around and then they were able to have 3 straight games where the defense played as we all expected.

Len Dawson replica super bowl ring







It’s Phoenix Open week here in the Valley of The Sun.

As you know, this is the most attended on the PGA Tour schedule…and the loudest!

Each year the attendance grows, the fans become more “vocal,” and good times seem to be never-ending!

Over half a million people come through the gates for the week and since it’s inception it has raised in access of $134 million dollars for charity.








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