Jason Day Wins The Players Championship

Jason Day - Chuck Evans Golf

Jason Day wins the 2016 Players Championship while not having his “A” game!

His warm-up routine is like a lot of other players at this level and the PGA shot a video cataloging it.

A few weeks ago I watched a ladies mini-tour event here at one of the local courses.  Their warm-up routines were vastly different than that of world class players!

The first thing they did was to go the tee and start hitting full shots, short game practice was an afterthought!  I watched a couple of different players who struck the ball very well.  Once they had finished “warming” up they spent about 10 minutes total on short game.

I see a LOT of amateurs go straight to the range, trying to find their game, then hit 5-6 putts and go straight to the tee!  About the 13th hole they get in a rhythm but by then it’s too late.

Follow this example and you might shot lower scores!

You can see the video here,

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