In Search of The Perfect Swing

I am always amazed, and amused, when I hear players talking about their search for the Perfect Swing.

First, what’s perfect? The definition of perfect is stated as, “Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.”

Let’s examine the first part of the defintion – lacking nothing essential to the whole. In golf their are Essentials and there are Imperatives. Each of these come with three parts/pieces.

Essentials have a stationary head, balance, and rhythm. Can you play golf without these, of course. Lots of players move their head up and down, side to side – that’s called bobbing and swaying.

How about balance? Look at Jack Nicklaus in his prime. After every tee shot he would rock back. And how about rhythm – that IS ONE thing you cannot be without and play tournament caliber golf!

What are Imperatives? These are things that you absolutely MUST have to play effect golf on ANY level.

Imperatives are a Flat Left Wrist, a Straight Plane Line, and a clubhead “lag” Pressure Point.

The Flat Left Wrist controls clubface alignment and without it you cannot control the the golf ball.

Without A Straight Plane Line the club is delivered into the ball in glancing blows thereby losing compression.

And what exactly is a clubhead lag Pressure Point? It is the first joint of the right index and it is used to sense and guide the sweetspot of the clubface into the golf ball.

If a player misses ANY of the Imperatives then they will NEVER be able to control their golf ball.

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