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chuck evans

Our peers and friends are telling us we’re crazy, and that we’re giving away too much information… but we don’t care.

Over in the Forum, we’re giving you a “vast store house” of USEFUL INFORMATION that you need to know about the golf stroke, including…

Drills guaranteed to improve your golf game. Proven techniques that WILL lower your scores and have you giving strokes to your playing partners!

Why?….Because we’re sick and tired of watching dedicated, regular golfers be taken advantage of and misled by the truckloads of BAD information that you’ll find on so many “expert” golf web sites.

The fact is, it’s not 1950 anymore — it’s 2006! … It’s not supposed to be HARD to play decent golf if you have the correct information and learn how to apply it!

In fact, this may surprise you, but…

The simple truth is, the information we present is exactly the same as it was in 1982! Nothing has changed because this info is based on science!

“Now is the best time in the history of golf to actually Improve your game.”

With all of the media attention on the best players in the world and one in particular, you are no doubt aware of the current golf instruction “models” today that are trying to put every player into the same model regardless of the players’ abilities! However, what you may NOT know is that it is now easier than ever to build a golf game based on what YOU CAN PHYSICALLY DO!

Now, there is a way to build your golf stroke by following simple instructions and using practice drills. If you have mirrors, tape, flashlights, dowels, and a badminton racquet you can build a highly dependable golf stoke by yourself, without ANY knowledge of GOLF!

If you can “pause and start” your way through our online videos you can build a golf stoke and actually play better golf — in less than 60 days!

It’s EASY to build YOUR golf stroke… using our videos! At last you’ll get the CORRECT information in an easy to follow sequence that GUARANTEES SUCCESS!

Stop wasting time and get over to the Forum now and check it out!

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