How to Learn Impact Alignments in Golf

practicing ImpactWhen you are striking the golf ball you can be in all if the “correct” positions and still miss the golf ball!

BUT if you have proper Impact and follow alignments then you can miss these “positions” and still hit it great.  Just take a look at all of the swings on Tour and the especially the Champions Tour.  They all have different looking swings but they ALL have great Impact Alignments.

How they get to these alignments is the players personal application.  Furyk is different then Tiger, Tiger is different then Hogan and so and so on.

Don’t get hung up on how the swing “looks” but instead focus on achieving good alignments.

What are these alignments?

1.  Grip to the clubface
2.  Clubface to target line
3.  Hands to the ball
4.  What Plane angle are you swinging on
5.  What “pressure points” are you going to use
6.  And the location of your Right Forearm

In addition to these you MUST have a Flat Left Wrist, a straight plane line, and a clubhead that is trailing the hands.  If it was a race to the ball the hands should ALWAYS win the race…NOT the clubhead!

Ideally you want the left wrist directly UNDER the left shoulder either prior to or just at Impact.  This ensures a FORWARD leaning clubshaft.  You want to turn that 8 iron into a 7 iron…NOT into a 9 iron!

Tour players are not any stronger then others their age, they just lean the clubshaft forward.  This is the ONE thing they ALL do!

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