How to Flatten the Sweetspot in the Downswing Transition






One of our viewers sent in a suggestion, for a topic, about how to get the sweetspot flattened in the downswing.

While a lot of golf instructors will say there is no such thing as the “Swing Plane”, there IS a Sweet Spot Plane!

But, if you are a golfer that likes to use the term “swing plane”, and you get the results you want, then USE IT!

But, if the “swing plane” image doesn’t work for you, then…don’t use use it!

Pretty simple!

You can almost anything you’d like, with ANY thought or ANY terminology as long as it produces what you want!

In this webinar, I discuss a couple of drills to help you get the sweetspot “on plane” in the downswing.  We start off though, with a few tips for those of us that are NOT as flexible as we once were!

Click the image below to play the video

We had a LOT of great questions today, and topics that our viewers want me to discuss.  Be sure to tune in every Friday to hear it live, or just register for the webinar and I will post it after we have completed the live version.

If you are serious about improving YOUR game, shoot me an email, or give me a call!

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