How To Find Your Ball Position

Here’s the deal.  Club design shows us how the club should set at address AND where the ball position should be.

In this video I am using a wedge, 5 iron and Driver to illustrate how to find your ball position easily.  Now there are also a couple of other variables such as downswing angle, hand speed and how your body moves.  But for this purpose, focus on the design of the club.

UPDATE:  The Golf Channel Academy has informed us that we can no longer share the videos we shot, with you!  We chose to cancel our relationship with GCA back in December of 2015 for business reasons and because of that, they tell us, we can no longer use the videos.

But here’s the good news.  We will be re-shooting ALL of them in the next few weeks!  So for this article we are going to use an image showing the different ball locations on 3 different clubs – wedge, 5 iron and driver.

ball position

The first key here is to let your target side arm hang down naturally,  it will hang somewhere around the inside of the front thigh.  The next key is to set the club down as it is designed.

For irons, this means that the top of the club will be forward of the clubhead – as designed.  Look at the amount of forward learn, for example, between the wedge and the 5 iron.

By consistently setting up how the clubs are designed you will find a very consistent ball position.  Some players, after getting their ball position, bring the hands back to the center of their body, and that’s OK too.  Just try both and let the solidness of contact help you determine which works best for you.


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