Chick Evans

How senior golfers, or anyone else, can increase their swing speed

There’s a lot of talk about restricting the lower body during the backswing.  The theory is the more you resist, the more torque you build up and therefore the farther you’ll hit it.

While that may work for someone that is flexible, not so much for those of us that are NOT Gumby!

Back in the old days, players generally did NOT restrict the hips and shoulders.  They turned as fully as they could to get as wide a clubhead arc as possible.

Older, less flexible, players especially should allow as much hip turn as possible.  A bigger hip turn allows the chest to also turn farther.

A word of caution, though.

Because you will be turning more your timing will be off.  Don’t get discouraged with this, just re-learn how to find the golf ball.

Watch this video for an example.


(Disclaimer – Should be Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher)

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