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How far do you hit each club

How far should you hit your clubs?  My answer is always, that depends.

Back in the day, Corey Pavin averaged 192.4 yards to the green after his tee shot.  But someone like John Daly averaged 158.5 yards  (these numbers are from 2005 PGA Tour – average distance to hole after tee shot)  And no, there was not a description of how long the hole was.

As you can see there is a huge advantage to being longer off the tee!

Our friends over at have a range of numbers that you can use to see where to fit into “pack.”

These numbers are “averages” so we know there will some that longer as well as shorter.  Here they are;

Club               Men                            Women

Driver        200-230-260                  150-175-200

3-wood      180-215-235                    125-150-180

5-wood      170-195-210                    105-135-170

2-iron        170-195-210                    105-135-170

3-iron        160-180-200                   100-125-160

4-iron        150-170-185                     90-120-150

5-iron        140-160-170                     80-110-140

6-iron        130-150-160                     70-100-130

7-iron        120-140-150                       65-90-120

8-iron        110-130-140                       60-80-110

9-iron           95-115-130                         55-70-95

PW               80-105-120                       50-60-80

SW                60-80-100                         0-50-60


The best way to find your average distance is to take 12 golf balls to an empty field and hit all 12 with each club.

Throw out the longest and shortest then average the remaining 10.  I would suggest NOT using range balls since they are made to be hard and virtually indestructible…use the type of ball YOU play everyday!

When you come to the desert, we can work on hitting it farther!  Our schedule is filling up fast!

There are no openings in October and only a couple left for November.  If you’d like to schedule your time with us just shoot us an email with when you would like to come.


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