Hole More Chip Shots


In our schools we train players to hole more chip shots by using very simple techniques and tools.

For chipping you’ll need (two) 2 foot length 2×4’s. You place one in front of the ball about the length of a grip and the other behind the ball half that distance.

The one behind the ball helps to ensure that you pick the club UP and NOT keep it low in the backstroke AND if you have throwaway in the downstroke you’ll hit the rear 2×4.

The one in front of the ball acts as a target line and a visual verification of what the clubface is doing.  As you set up to the chip you want about 80% of your weight on the target side, head in the middle of the feet and the clubshaft leaning forward. This set up helps to steepen the angle of attack makes hitting it fat virtually impossible.

From this set up you use a right forearm takeaway and a motionless body in the backstroke. In the downstroke you have two options, Hitting – drive the right arm and Swinging – use the pivot. In both cases you simply go to both arms straight after impact.

If done correctly the ball will take off over the center 2×4. If you see the ball taking off over the right or left edge then you have manipulated the clubface.  At follow through the clubface should be looking straight down the 2×4 and at a right angle to it.

One of the keys to chipping is to always make the same length and same power stroke regardless of the length of the chip shot. To play a longer shot simply change clubs – we use a mathematical formula to determine what club the player should use.

Not only can the player now play this shot with confidence but IF they don’t hole it they have a “kick-in” left!




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