Help With The Downstroke

In this article I’m going to discuss a one major problem in the start of the downstroke.

We read a lot about the downswing starts with the lower body movement and while this is technically correct, most players tend to overdo this move

A lot of players, in an effort to initiate the downstroke with the lower body, actually slide the lower body out from under the upper body. This causes the head to drift backwards over the right foot which essentially moves the low point back away from the golf ball which in return moves the golf ball forward from its initial location.

This downstroke hip motion is only about two inches and for most players it feels like in the downstroke that they “sit” on the right hip until the club in reaches release point, which is approximately the hands down to the right thigh.

if this is done correctly the right leg will hold, the knee flex will stay solid, and the legs won’t slide out from under you.

if your lower body has a tendency to run away in the downstroke give this a try and you will see how much more solid you feel coming in the ball.

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