Have You Ever Taken A Practice Golf Swing At A Dandelion?

Yeah, I know…it’s easy swinging at something that ISN’T a golf ball!

We’ve all done this,  whether it was a dandelion, an old cigarette butt or a broken tee. Then we step up to hit the shot, and it feels NOTHING like what we just did!

But why?

When we are swinging at something that isn’t a golf ball, there is NO tension, no thinking about the swing.

chuck evans swing thoughts

We just take it back with NO thought and FREELY swing the club! You, me and everyone else are EXPERTS at swinging the club when there is no ball.  Here’s a thought,

Hummm…MAYBE we should try doing this swing AT the ball!

When a player gets what I call ball bound, ALL of their attention is on striking that ball.  Tension creeps in, swing thoughts creep in and the mere of act of just swinging the club disappears!

Try this the next time you are out on the practice tee.

Find some broken tees and place them in a row, to hit them into the range.  Now replaceevery third tee with a ball.  Set up the first tee and make a swing striking the tee, repeat this process for the second tee.

Now, and this is the important part, set up to the ball and with no thought, like you did with the tees, make your swing and strike the ball.

If you’re like most people , you feel this free flowing motion with ZERO tension!

As a side note, we will be starting up our webinars again next Friday, August 5. 2016.

I need to apologize for the delay.

Originally I thought it would be just a couple of weeks and I would be good to go, (recovering from a hip revision), apparently I was too optimistic!

We are also getting ready to schedule some new video shoots.  Let us know what you would like us to cover and we’ll try to get it in the videos.

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Until next time, keep it in play off the tee, get it on/or near the green, make some PUTTS!


P.S.  It won’t be long now before our official season starts here in AZ,   To schedule your time with us just shoot us an email.  

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