Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Boy this year sure went by fast!

The Holidays are already here and like a lot of folks, I haven’t even started getting ready.  We ate our body weight in turkey and all of the “fixins” along with 3 different pies…now it’s football all day…what a life!

This is also the time of year to reflect on what has happened this past year and what to look forward to in the upcoming year.

We have a lot of be thankful for:  The success of our players this year, meeting new friends that influence our lives, being with family and most of all thankful to the Lord for watching over us and guiding our every move!

We will experience some changes in 2016, but I’ll write more about those next month.  Health issues will determine our decisions for 2016 but no matter what, there is nothing like being around family and friends!

Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t start that diet until 2016!









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