Hanging Out With Friends

Chuck Evans

Remember the good old days when you would “hang out” with friends and just talk about everything? I can. We all use to hang out at “Zesto’s” in Raytown Missouri, get our burgers and fries and then cruise down to the Plaze area in Kansas City.

We would drive around “NuWays”, stop and just shoot the breeze. What a great time!

These days discussion forums are the place to hang out meet new friends, talk about subjects of interest, and maybe even solve some problems.

Our forum at Chuck Evans Golf is a great example of this.

Each week, hundreds of messages are posted – some asking for advice, some providing opinions, and others just “lurking” picking up bits and pieces of golf instruction information that can help their golf game.

It’s a lot like “hanging out” with your friends from the old days – talking, sharing ideas, telling stories, and helping each other out.

If you haven’t visited lately, we invite you to stop by and “hang out.”

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