Golf’s Mental Game

It has been said that golf is 90% and 10% mechanical. Those numbers are somewhat skewed simply because if you have terrible mechanics it won’t matter how good your mental game is! You simply cannot “wish” the ball where you want it to go.

However, once you have fairly decent mechanics THEN the mental game is critical.

Take a look at Tiger Woods. His mental game is the strongest in golf and he proves it week in and week out. His mental game intimidates the field so much that players THINK that when he is in the field they are playing for second! That’s a weakness in THEIR mental games!

So how do you train yourself mentally? We all know the feeling of getting over a shot and having 10-12 swing thoughts in our mind. Or thoughts about – “Don’t hit it right there’s water over there.”

How can you “pull the trigger” with all of these thoughts? In order to keep swing thoughts out of your mind you must replace these thoughts with something else.

Carey Mumford came up with a process he calls “Clear Key.” A Clear Key is a phrase or a saying that the player repeats in their mind until the ball is gone. By repeating this Clear Key, with no pausing between phrases, the mind CANNOT think about swing thoughts or water on the right!

A Clear Key could be, “Mary had a little lamb I wish I had one too.” or “I wonder whatever happened to Absorbine SENIOR.” It doesn’t really matter what the phrase is as long as it does not contain any action words like, “Hit it hard, swing easy, etc.”

I’ve seen many players who could just flat out play golf but were so “brain dead” that they folded under the slightest pressure!

If you want to explore how the mental game works I would suggest that you visit Carey’s site and take a look for yourself. It certainly can’t hurt and who knows, it just might help!

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