Golfing Incompetence

Medicus Golf InstituteGolfing Incompetence

All golfers from beginner to touring professional eventually reach their highest level of performance.  In other words, they attain their level of golfing incompetence, as they can progress no further.

The problem is universal.

All players ultimately arrive at a scoring plateau. Unfortunately, this occurs relatively early in most golfing careers. For most, this phenomenon is a life sentence of hopelessness and frustration.

Golf Myths

The playing procedures of golf ‘s greatest champions have become the basis of most golf knowledge and instruction.  Unfortunately, their description of what they feel during their golf stroke has been subject to much misinterpretation.

One popular theory is adamant that the body controls the stroke and the arms and hands react. This is the exact opposite of what actually happens with all great players.  This theory that the body controls the stroke is probably the biggest myth in golf.

Another popular golf myth relates to the position of the right elbow at the top of the stroke.

For years golfers were taught to keep their right elbows tucked into their right side. This myth has taken a severe beating since Jack Nicklaus has done the exact opposite during his entire career.  The truth is that golfers with an upright stroke require a flying right elbow while those with flat strokes must tuck their right elbow into their right side.

Isn’t it strange how so many myths have been perceived as fact throughout the history of golf instruction.  We feel a deep obligation to eliminate all myths and confine its teachings to scientifically based facts using simple terms that are easy to understand.

The Culprit

The culprit of our golfing incompetence is the tangled and fragmented process through which we have learned to play.  We learned the backstroke from a book, the downstroke from a pro, putting from a golf magazine, and pitch shots from TV.

The sources of our golf knowledge are numerous but the content is neither sequenced nor coordinated.  We can’t play golf effectively with Tiger Woods’ setup, Jim Furyk’s backstroke, Sergio Garcia’s downstroke and David Duvall’s finish.

Regardless of how hard we try, the pieces won’t fit the puzzle.

Most golfers regard their knowledge of the golf stroke as adequate, yet less than three percent of all golfers break 80 consistently.   We are convinced that the lack of scientific knowledge of the golf stroke, among pros and amateurs alike, is the cause of this poor showing.

We Will Help You IMPROVE

You have an individual golf stroke, a unique body type, and a personal style of play.  We recognize these differences, and for this reason your instruction is totally customized to fit your individual needs.

If you’re built like Craig Stadler but are trying to swing like Davis Love you will NEVER succeed!

Our staff members have helped thousands of golfers play the best golf of their lives and we can show you how to match your stroke with your body. Our proven techniques are based on science, not theory or last month’s golf publication.

Find out for yourself why the best players in the world use these techniques and more importantly, HOW you can incorporate these techniques into your golf stroke!

Comprehensive Instruction by Nationally Known Instructors

Any instructional program is only as strong as the instructors directing it.   Chuck Evans personally selects and trains each staff member. All of our instructors must go through a rigorous and demanding curriculum on the science of the golf stroke. In addition, most of our instructors have extensive teaching and playing backgrounds which enables them to not only build great golf strokes but also able to relate to the student the differences between playing and practice.

There is a distinct difference between the two!

Longer and Straighter

The two major priorities of our students are more Power and greater Accuracy. For optimal learning, these priorities are addressed both academically and physically.

New knowledge is conveyed to the student through lecture, scientific demonstration, swing aids, video equipment, stroke training, and individual instruction. For the first time in your life you will fully understand your golf stroke!


There are four separate sources of power in the golf stroke. They are definable and distinguishable. The power sources are:
(a) the proper uncocking of the left wrist,
(b) the blasting of the left arm off the chest with the body pivot,
(c) the synchronized roll of the left wrist through impact, and
(d) the driving power of the right forearm.

We will teach you the proper utilization, application and synchronization of these four power sources.  They solve the mystery of power!


There are two factors that determine the accuracy of all golf shots.
They are:
(a) the control of the flat left wrist through impact for clubface alignment, and
(b) the consistent orbit of the clubhead on the proper plane.

We will teach you to move the clubhead up and back, and down and out on the inclined plane, time after time. You will also learn to control the clubface with your flat left wrist, thereby, adding precision to all your shots.

Video & Computer Analysis:

We use state-of-the-art digital video technology and Trackman to help improve your stroke. Each session is video taped, and includes line drawings, voice overs and comparison modeling. At the end of your session the tape is yours to keep.

Using this video technique, you don’t have to worry about remembering everything once you leave. Just play the tape when you get home and review your session at your leisure. This way it’s easy to monitor your progress and review your motion anytime you wish.

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