Golf Swing Elements, Terminology and Definitions

Right Forearm: When one views the great swings of golf one will quickly see that the right forearm and shaft lineup through impact. This is a topic that you hear very little about in golf instruction. At Medicus Golf we provide the necessary ingredients for you to view and learn the role of this important right forearm and how it allows for the left wrist to be flat. If the right forearm is not on plane at Impact then you would need to flip the hands to make contact with the ball thus disrupting the #1 alignment – The Flat Left Wrist!

Lag: When you hear us speaking of lag we are merely speaking of the relationship between the clubhead and the hands – clubHEAD Lag. In all great strokes, unless the player is intentionally applying a specialty shot, the clubhead is trailing the hands through impact….NEVER in front of the hands! Think of it this way – there is a race between the hands and the clubhead to the ball and to be an effective, and great, ball striker – the HANDS MUST WIN THE RACE!

Lag drill using the bunker

Plane: To add a little more information about plane, please use the idea of a pitched roof and at the bottom of the roof is a gutter. We will refer the gutter as being the plane line and the amount of pitch of the roof as the plane angle. With this in mind, golfers can then envision that the plane angle can vary many degrees but the gutter of the roof or the plane line remains the same. This is why when you view good players swings they incorporate many different angles but what they abide by is that whichever end of the club is closest to the ground is always pointing at the gutter or plane line. This is the true definition of being on plane.

Club perfectly on Plane
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