Destin Golf Instruction with Chuck Evans

Even the greatest struggle from time to time

Whether you are a Legend or a 15 handicapper, we all need advice and sometimes it can be really simple!


Jack Nicklaus, arguably the greatest player the game has ever seen, was struggling like a 15 handicapper at the Greats of Golf event up in MN.

In his own words, “I can’t play at all,” Nicklaus complained an hour earlier during a pre-round press conference. “I played yesterday in the pro-am and I threw a total perfect game.”

A perfect game? “I had a no-hitter. I never hit one shot on the face of the club for 18 holes,” he said.

He was hitting it fat, thin, in the heel…you name it, he was hitting it.  Everywhere BUT the sweetspot!

Here came Lee Trevino to the rescue. The Merry Mex said he’d been watching his longtime rival and friend from the opposite end of the range.

“You’ve got the ball too far forward. Move it back six inches,” Trevino instructed.

“I’ve played it there my whole life,” Nicklaus said.

“Yeah, well, you weren’t 76 then,” Trevino teased. “We’re getting so old we can find our own Easter Eggs.”

If you are having trouble and can’t quite figure out how to fix those issues, come join me and let’s make the game fun again!

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