Drive For Show

All great drivers of the golf ball have several characteristics in common.

* Stance width – the inside of the heels as wide as the outside of the shoulders

* Impact Point – the inside of the ball is in line with the left shoulder

* Compression – the ball is struck in a slightly descending blow….

* Address – the hands and the butt of the club point somewhere between the left thigh and the mid-body

* Body and Arms – To visualize how important the hands are, imagine a swing without them. With only a pivot, you would never swing faster than your body could turn. The independent action is the movement of the hands and wrists. Take your normal grip on a club and hold it out in front of you. The simple action of cocking and uncocking your wrists moves the clubhead almost 3 feet

* Loft – most players don’t use a driver with enough loft – I recommend getting a minimum of 10 degrees

* Length of Driver – the majority of drivers today are too long for the majority of players. Do yourself a favor and try 43-44 inch driver instead

* Balance – Keep your head between the feet, NEVER TO THE OUTSIDE!

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