Since teaching is MY full time job I thought I’d share some thoughts regarding how people perceive golf strokes.

As I stand out on the tee line it always amazes me to watch people “practicing”. One might take the club to the top, stop and look at it, and say, “Yeah this is what I want, this is great.” Then they get settled into their address position HEAVE the club back, not even getting close to their practice stroke, have almost uncontrollable amounts of motion, swaying, bobbing, etc and STILL hit the ball!

To me, it takes a tremendous amount of athletic ability to strike a golf ball with some of the motions and positions I see everyday. So athleticism, or lack of it, is NOT what hurts golfers and their games. What hurts is their PERCEPTION of what they need to do and all of the gyrations that are going on. I’ve seen more Elvis impersonators on the tee than in Las Vegas!

I tell the players I work with, “It’s always harder to do less“. What I mean by that is if someone has a lot of body motion, twisting and turning in their stroke it is extremely difficult to NOT do any un-golflike motions. There are so many things going on in a golf stroke that we need to move as few a pieces as possible and in the smallest amount of space.

Try doing LESS in your stroke, you WILL get better!

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