Chuck Evans Golf speed Drill

Create Speed From Your Knees

Here is one of my favorite drills, I call it the “Double Proposal” drill!

Without a doubt, the majority of players ask the same question, how can I hit it farther.  Well, there are several pieces that need to come together, but even when they do, if you leave out swinging the club FASTER, you’ll STILL hit it short!

Speed comes from a variety of sources in the golf swing, but the critical one is how fast the club is swinging.  To swing the club fast you need to swing your arms and hands fast since they are the ONLY thing holding on to the club.

ALL of the greatest players have had the same sequence.

  1. Keep the body in front ot the hands
  2. Keep the hands in front of the club
  3. Keep the club in front of the ball

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