Clear The Right Hip

In order to get the hands to their destination at the top of the backswing you MUST CLEAR THE RIGHT HIP.

To do this you simply pre-set the right hip in a turned position (away from the ball). This allows the hands to a more direct path to the top and the shoulder turn will stop at this pre-determined point. The “feel” of the path of the hands is more a straight line, back and down, and less of a curve. This simple move allows the hands to do this.

The next move, that is the easiest by far for most players, is to “feel” like the right forearm is fanning in the backstroke while keeping the club on Plane. This rotates the shaft and clubface and puts the hands and clubface into position at the top. Think of an ordinary door, opening and closing. This is the effect you’re looking for with the hands and clubface.

This is an option. It does not mean that you can’t play great golf not doing the above but it is a much simpler procedure. Experiment with this movement and you may find yourself hitting it straighter than you ever have!

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