Today’s video tip focuses on a weight forward swing: one of the five fundamentals that every great player needs.

A great drill is to use a deck or office chair; set the chair outside your left/forward hip; and when you reach the top of your back swing push the chair forward (feel the chair move forward) with your hip on the start of your downward swing.

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There’s a time and a place for lower-trajectory shots, plus you’ll generally get more roll – especially in windy conditions. The key is to simply have your hands and weight more forward.

You still want to achieve a “steady head,” a “flat left wrist,” and a “weight forward swing”.  You of course hit down on the ball with your hands forward and this means that you use less loft – which results in more spin, a lower trajectory and more roll!

As with any golf shot, hitting the sweet-spot is key to having a good solid shot, all good players hit the sweet spot with regularity.

If you choose to have a lower trajectory shot, then keep your head centered, maintain a flat left wrist, keep the pressure on your left (weight forward on downswing) and keep your hands in front of the ball!

Hit Lower Trajectory shots for more roll!


As many of you know, I am a fan of the late Moe Norman.  Moe’s innate ability to strike, and control, his golf ball are legendary!  What most people haven’t seen however is how Moe’s swing looked when he was younger.  Below is a clip of the younger Moe Norman.


Having a hard time controlling the path of your clubhead?  Or do you think the club goes straight back and straight through?  Take a look at this and learn how to control the path!

Thanks to Bill Cuebas, Go Live Golf and GOLFinHD for this video.

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Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Golf Digest Top Teachers in America, Executive Director of Instruction – Medicus Golf, Co-Founder Medicus Pure Strike – 5 Simple Keys to Consistency.

There are numerous ways for your body to pivot during the swing.  Watch this video to see a couple of them.


Here is a quick overview of the 5 Simple Keys to Consistency.  This video is being shown on Fox Sports Network and was shot here in Arizona.


Here is very simple drill to check whether or not you are on the “Swing Plane” you want to swing on.  In reality, you are trying to move the sweet spot and hand path into and through the golf ball.


These were done left-handed so that right-handers could watch and follow along.

We teach our students how to lag and compress the golf ball. In this sequence I am demonstrating a low, punch, cut driver followed by a “stock” iron shot.