Here is a quick tip I did for Golf Magazine to help you hit that elusive draw!









Check it out and if you are still having issues…come see us!

In this webinar, you asked questions – we gave our thoughts.  Thanks to all that participated, some great questions were asked and hopefully… Some solid answers!


How to play with your noodle.  In this webinar we talk about using swimming pool noodles as training aids.  Whether you are working on full swing, short game, or putting these inexpensive training aids can help improve your game.


Many players think too much about their golf swing when on the golf course instead of playing golf.  In this video we will discuss how to avoid too many swing thoughts and how to focus on the task at hand…getting the ball in the hole!


Join us for a review of the 12 Strokes of Christmas.  In this webinar we will cover the 12 essential things that all golfers need to play better.

The key to controlling the golf ball is Educated Hands.  Watch and learn how to train your hands and take them from 1st grade to Doctorate level!



Here is the image for the screen share that didn’t show up as planned!



Here at Chuck Evans Golf, we don’t make wholesale changes to our players.  By using the 5 Simply Keys To Consistency we take what they have and make it better!  In most cases this means that we reduce the amount of curve until they hit playable shots whether it be a draw or a fade.

What’s YOUR golf DNA?


A lot of players completely stop at Impact and that leads to the clubhead passing the hands…what we refer to as throwaway. Here is a quick video to help you learn how to keep the momentum going.


Here is a quick little tip for training indoors using a common flashlight.  This was done a few years ago so the principles are the same and have not changed!