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Here is a podcast I was invited on with Mark Immelman on PGA Tour Radio.

Mark and I talked about things such as creating speed, clubface control, releases of the club, mental game and lots more!

Hope you enjoy!

Here is an interview I did with Dave Berner a few years back.  We talked about how to take your game from the practice tee to the course and it all still applies today!


Years ago we did podcasts on a regular basis.  Well…we are ramping them back up this year.  Let us know what you would like for us to discuss and who you would like us to interview.

To put your game in overdrive, just shoot us an email.  In the meantime, check out the “Training” section of the site for a few great tips!


Join us for a review of the 12 Strokes of Christmas.  In this webinar we will cover the 12 essential things that all golfers need to play better.

Having a hard time controlling the path of your clubhead?  Or do you think the club goes straight back and straight through?  Take a look at this and learn how to control the path!

Thanks to Bill Cuebas, Go Live Golf and GOLFinHD for this video.

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